Case Study Presentation Videos - ETAP User Conference 2015

by dexter.galindo@etap.com23. June 2015 11:25

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Highlighted case study presentations:

  • Protective Coordination and Arc Flash Analysis in Mission Critical FacilitiesEYP Mission Critical Facilities
  • Revisiting Intelligent Load Shedding benefits at PT Newmont after a decade in service - PT Newmont
  • Integrated System Modeling for Traction Power SystemsNetwork Rail
  • ETAP GRID™ - Linking government, industry, and academia - UC Irvine

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Power Systems Study Specifications

by dexter.galindo@etap.com23. June 2015 11:21

A well-defined power systems study requirement is critical to the success of any project as it will reduce the challenge of selecting the qualified service provider and the right analysis software.


The system study specification document should describe the scope of the project, analyses types, and the required deliverables.  The study specification must be tailored for a particular industry and will vary based on the type of analysis for existing or new facilities.


Fortunately, you don't have to start from scratch.  We have put together a sample power systems analysis study spec to help you in preparing a detailed requirement for Short Circuit, Protective Device Coordination, and Arc Flash Analysis studies.

View / Download the Power Systems Study Spec

Arc Flash Analyzer Program - Subscribe at 30% of the Price

by dexter.galindo@etap.com23. June 2015 11:19

ETAP Arc Flash Analyzer Program is offered as a subscription license, making it available at a fraction of the purchase (perpetual license) price.


ETAP Arc Flash Analyzer Program is a dedicated package for the assessment of arc flash hazards and arc flash incident analysis. This subscription-based licensed package gives the user access to ETAP at minimal cost. Order a subscription today at 30% of the purchase price.

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Renewable Module - Special Limited Time Offer!

by dexter.galindo@etap.com23. June 2015 11:04

ETAP offers comprehensive renewable energy models combined with full spectrum power system analysis calculations for accurate simulation, predictive analysis, equipment sizing, and field verification of wind and solar farms.

For a limited time, get 25% off the purchase of ETAP Renewable module. Offer ends August 1, 2015.

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Schneider Electric Standardizes on ETAP

by dexter.galindo@etap.com23. June 2015 10:49

Schneider Electric, a global specialist in energy management and automation has chosen ETAP’s power system engineering and operation solution for its services business.


ETAP provides Schneider Electric higher design reliability and quality, rule-based analysis, and automation capabilities that will help to optimize and fast track project engineering design and analysis processes.

“ETAP is a proven technology leader and it is a strategic decision for Schneider Electric to standardize on ETAP.  ETAP is helping us to create a highly efficient environment for power system modeling, design, analysis, and operation.  Our deployment is already reducing costs and improving productivity across our business.  We look forward to expanding the use of ETAP across all our projects and enhance our partnership with ETAP.” Said  Udaya Devineni, senior vice president of Schneider Electric US services.

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