ETAP Powering Success video

by dexter.galindo@etap.com1. May 2015 12:20

ETAP has been "Powering Success" for nearly 30 years by providing the most comprehensive and widely-used enterprise solution for the design, simulation, operation, control, optimization, and automation of generation, transmission, distribution, and industrial power systems.

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ETAP 2015 User Conference User Conference 2015 - Great Success!

by dexter.galindo@etap.com1. May 2015 12:11

ETAP would like to thank our customers, partners and colleagues for a remarkable User Conference 2015.

This event marked a milestone for ETAP as this was our first global user conference bringing together over 300 electrical power system engineers, users, partners, and industry leaders from more than 180 companies from around the world to Irvine, California.  The featured conference presentations will be made available soon.

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April 18 – 20 in Irvine, California

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Preview of the upcoming ETAP 14 release!

by dexter.galindo@etap.com1. May 2015 12:03

Gain a competitive edge and accelerate system design and analysis with ETAP 14.  The new graphical foundations deliver unmatched speed, intelligence and reliability to increase productivity by at least 50 percent.  ETAP 14 offers powerful rule-books, result analyzers, sizing, and automated evaluation tools to reduce engineering time, enforce standards, ensure design integrity, and optimize system operation. ETAP 14 is scheduled to be released in June of this year.

If you are an existing user and would like to participate in the ETAP 14  Beta release program, login or register at ETAP Help Desk and submit your request today - Contact support for assistance at

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15th Annual ETAP Nuclear Utility Users Group Conference

by dexter.galindo@etap.com1. May 2015 11:48

ETAP Nuclear Utility Users Group (NUUG) Conference has become a reunion of sorts, where industry veterans from around the world gather to discuss the unique electrical engineering challenges facing nuclear facilities with the overarching goal of improving facility design and safety.

This year’s meeting will be held on June 16-19 at the ETAP Learning Center in Irvine, California.  Over 50 users from around the world are expected to participate in this four-day event from about 30 companies, in addition to those from ETAP.

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A better & more feasible approach for Open-Phase Fault Analysis

by dexter.galindo@etap.com1. May 2015 11:00

As debuted in our October 2014 Newsletter edition, ETAP offers a comprehensive graphical Open-Phase Fault Analysis (OPFA) capability to simulate and analyze the effects of an open phase condition.  This feature was the result of a close collaboration between ETAP R&D division, ETAP Nuclear Utility Users Group (NUUG) and the nuclear industry.  The ETAP NUUG demonstrated that using ETAP for OPFA was far more feasible than alternative methods, i.e. using an Electro-Magnetic Transient Program (EMTP).  ETAP OPFA has in turn saved utilities millions of dollars that would have been required by more costly approaches.

Recently, based on the request and sponsorship by Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA), researchers at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (UTC) conducted a project aimed at benchmarking ETAP OPFA results against the results of elaborate physical models.  The conclusion of the research confirmed that ETAP OPFA results for transformers under open phase conditions were almost identical with the benchmark. This further validates ETAP as a superior choice for simulating open phase fault conditions.

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