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Star Auto-Evaluation

Boost Productivity & Save Time

Star Auto-Evaluation software provides automatic detection and evaluation of system protection and coordination based on industry guidelines and customized rules. Whether you are an experienced protection engineer or new to the protective device coordination studies, Star Auto-Evaluation software can help improve your system design, safety, reliability and operation.

Key Benefits

  • Reduces months of work to few hours
  • Quickly create TCC curves based on automated path of protection
  • Easily identify false tripping and mis-coordination
  • Avoid mistakes and laborious study reviews
  • Standardize on industry rules and guidelines for system protection & coordination
  • Gain insight to the scope of protection study at the front-end of the project

Automated Protection & Coordination Software Key Features

  • Automated & intelligent detection of protection zones
  • Automated Overcurrent Protection & Coordination Evaluation
  • Support of NEC, IEEE, IEC standards & industry practice rules
  • Customized evaluation criteria based on Star RuleBook™
  • Automatic selection of applicable fault locations
  • Calculation of through-fault currents
  • Selection of fault type for coordination evaluation
  • Automated display of applicable device TCC curves
  • Extensive condition & violation messages of evaluation criteria
  • Color-coded tabular & graphical display of results
  • Interactive result viewer to correct & revaluate violations
  • Easy-to-make reports from graphical snapshots & tabular results

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Interactive Result Viewer

The evaluation results of protective device protection and coordination study are displayed in tabular and graphical format for easy and quick reference.

The Star Auto-Evaluation Viewer highlights detected violations and concerns of equipment protection and device coordination for possible correction and adjustment of protective device settings.

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Auto Protection & Coordination
Auto Protection evaluates the settings of the protective devices and verifies if the equipment is protected from possible damages. Auto Coordination identifies the time-overcurrent conflicts between downstream and upstream protective devices to help you set the optimal setting.